Professor Gauntlett

Who in the…  is professor Gauntlett?

An intriguing science nut with a scrambled head full of neurones firing haphazardly, creating intricate connections both useless and ingenious. A good egg. His work in nuclear and particle physics led to his discovery of Time Accelerated Growth Handles. (TAGH’s).

Professor Gauntlett

He was thrown off the Cern science project (Big Hadron Collider), when his zeal for the depleted environment had him attempting to turn the Collider into a super charged TAGH applicator for reforesting Europe and North Africa, returning much of the land to a pre Medieval condition and sequestering billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. This he maintains is still his hope and dream although he is worried about the implications for trusting only science in solving our overconsumption and CO2 release.

His adjustments to the Collider at Cern were deemed to be sabotage and his TAGH’s were only theory at that stage. The scientific community have largely dismissed his (literally) ground breaking work in chronological displacement, in part due to his scattered delivery at presentations of TAGH theory, along with his eccentric and confusing papers. He confesses to understanding the communication problem and blames his ineptitude on a bad fall out of a tree in his thirties while studying the Fibonacci sequence of branches and twigs and twiglets and buds and leaves and roots and trunks. Since then he’s had trouble packaging his ideas for the academic world.

I’m certain the scientific community won’t be able to deny him the lime light for much longer!

Working with Professor Ragnhild Lie

Hence my meeting the professor for the first time at Stamsund international theatre festival in the North of Norway while he was sharing his work with school children. A willing and interested audience.


The first successful, and I should say revolutionary TAGH experiment was executed inside his Stamsund lab.

I can’t believe I’m the only ‘journalist’ covering this story!

The seed of a Mountain Ash tree was treated inside his crude very small hadron collider and embedded with the self replicating TAGH’s, – directed inside the splitting cells of the tree during photosynthesis via an opened ‘black (pin) hole’. Simply put the potential tree is collected from the future and released in the present in an instant. (I don’t fully understand the science).


This seed, he told me, was not supposed to be detonated inside the lab! Dropping the seed there and breaking the plasma field was both extremely dangerous and in his words, ‘the happiest day of my life’.

The tree plunged its roots into the soil beneath and burst up through the floor of the lab taking the Professor with it up into its newly hatched branches, crashing through the roof and breaking open the walls with ‘shattering glass splintering scattered splinteringly and scatteringly everywhere’ he told me. He was lucky to get away with only a few bruises!



I was immediately fascinated by his innocence and rebellious fervour. An ageing prodigy with a passion for nature who stumbled on the most revolutionary advance in science since the first hominid whittled a wheel and rolled something from A to B.

Professor Gauntlett is bilingual, – Norwegian English like me, with roots in both of these countries. Some people have said there is a similarity between the two of us, – I don’t see it, but I am honoured to have met him and have to say his time machine aged whiskey is truly excellent!

One of the Prof's T.M.A cheeses called the Psyberartist.
One of the Prof’s T.M.A cheeses called the Psyberartist.

My tree project has certainly opened doors to meetings with some remarkable people! I’ll be following the professor’s progress as his work gathers more steam!

He will be releasing a book on Time Machine Aged wines, cheeses and whiskies. Until then – he kindly recommends the pre order of my book ‘The Art of Climbing Trees’. Climbing trees, – his second passion after quantum physics.

Some of his writings on TAGH’s can be downloaded here. His second seed TAGH experiment was recorded and can be seen here

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