Hope makes babies

I squirted these words out just after the 2017 U.K. General Election and then didn’t post it. And now I did.

   The good news of a genuinely socialist government in the UK within reach (and against all the odds), changed everything for me. It feels as if there might be sunshine at the end of a long tunnel full of excrement. With so many years of bad news (41 years of bad news from where I’m standing), and then additionally we’re facing the realities of climate change, species extinction and leaders everywhere who do little or nothing about it, or minus nothing by advancing the will of corporations at ours and the planet’s expense (which is the same thing). Then to ice this cake with more turd we climaxed with Brexit and then Trump, and then, well really – the dominoes of detached right-wing politics have been falling around the world…

                    Dark times. 

   But more than half the votes this time were for a peacemaker, a Green agenda, a Scotland that might be independent of the neo-capitalism directed by a pack of arseholes in London etc. Despite their best efforts to brainwash with division and smears for years, the ideas of care and hope and solidarity broke through the created fears. More than half of us want to be in it together, rather than for living in isolated ivory towers of accumulation. The political campaign from ‘New Old New Labour’ was mostly carried off with integrity, and by simply delivering the messages and the ideas in the manifesto and we liked that, a lot.

   So I’ve been writing a book (in case you just joined the party), with the aim of being one more positive voice, and I’ve begun to think what’s the point? We’ve wrecked the climate, the masses are brainwashed beyond repair and I’ve wasted my time. I’d have been better off building a bunker and living it up while I can. The weight of it all had even pushed my mojo to the periphery, and the good news had herded it back to where it belonged; I now understand why after the 2nd World War people made so many babies. It’s all waking up again. Hope has a pervasive effect throughout the carcass and soul; it is a powerful medicine.

Hope makes babies

The evil self-interested neocons are still in power, but I can breathe a bit again. And I know it isn’t as simple as good and evil, but when the ‘evil ones’ cut subsidies to renewable energy at this time, and dismantle the most civilised project this country ever created – the NHS (the free National Health Service), and all their other mad schemes, then you have to wonder if they are possessed – nah not really. But they look flippin’ spooky don’t they, most of them). This ‘evil’ force has still got a vacuous puppet leader, and they had to get into bed with a seriously backward party to stay a Government. In other words, people are beginning to smell the smoke (and it stinks), and their mirrors are cracking. 

   So if you’re someone looking to raise children who might inherit a livable world for example, then don’t give up just yet. Support the progressive representatives who are in parliament or congress or whatever they call it where you live – in any way you can. Let’s also correct them – give them ideas. Let’s be a part of it beyond the walls of Facebook and Twitter etc., in the real world outside Zuckerberg’s bubbles. And of course, don’t stop at politics: Start something good, or give your time to a utopia building organisation doing world-saving stuff like 350.org, or Rainforest Rescue, or one of ten thousand others – just pick one. Keep irritating people about climate change, keep thinking more inspiringly about how to live together on planet Earth. Love more – yourself and everyone else. Without persistence and hope, we’re buggered – we really are. So thank you everyone who voted for peace and helped me get laid. (Nah, made that last bit up – pity).


   I helpedin a small way (with old buddy Ross in the rain), the day before the election delivering leaflets, and on election day with what they call ‘getting the vote out’ – which means getting the (Labour) voters out to vote, obviously. It was easy and I enjoyed meeting random people I’d never normally meet on their doorsteps. (I’d have helped the Green Party but the Green candidate pulled out in my area to give Labour a chance, and I would be happy to have Jeremy Corbyn as PM). It felt good to do something, and being more invested in ‘the game’ made the result more exciting too. I only wish instead of helping the constituency of Southampton Test (where Alan Whitehead won by thousands of votes), I’d helped Southampton Itchen, who might also have a Labour MP now too – had I managed to get just 31 more Labour voters out of their house and into the polling booth! Sometimes it’s a really close call, and if more of us made the effort… we might survive the next 100 years. It’s going to be tight. Thanks.

   The most powerful instrument against political change is spreading cynicism. They say ‘oh well they’re all the same, they’re all corrupt, you’ll never win’, and pessimism can demoralise people engaged in a battle, so you have to believe that you can win, and history is made by people who do things. – Tony Benn.

Peace on earth
Gyula Varnai’s Peace on Earth at the Venice Biennale 2017. (see text image below)
Gyula Varnai
Text from Gyula Varnai’s work at the Venice Biennale 2017. (see above)


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