Hope is in Doing

People often wonder what they can do?
Here are just a few important projects I support:


Gene Sharp’s 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action. Find out more at the Einstein Institute‘s website. Pick a nonviolent action and change the world.

Declaration of human rights

An attempt to set down some basic rules for Utopia? Have you read them?


All who deeply care about protecting our beautiful Earth are invited to become signatories to a legal document, the Earth Protectors Trust Fundand gift funds to support small island states progressing the law.  Our team is already in dialogue with these island nations.

Signing this document and becoming an Earth Protector in law (Trustee of the Earth) is easy and completely free of ongoing obligations or liabilities. It can also help those standing up to protect the Earth and their communities.


Lean Logic

David Fleming was a holistic economist and among other things, involved with founding the Green Party of England and Wales. I was lucky enough to meet him and interview him for my book before he passed away in 2010. His book Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive it is a master piece; posthumously published. Surviving the Future gives a taster of the Dictionary. Take a peek. 



Plant for the Planet has a mission to plant a trillion trees and they need all our help. 



Just one of many petition based lobbying organisations. Don’t get cynical. Keep signing them. One large scale campaign from Avaaz is calling for huge areas of the planet to be returned to wildlife, to allow the biosphere to rejuvenate. Rewilding is close to my heart and is a big part of the solution to our problems.


Cars ruin cities. Cars isolate us. Cars pollute regardless of fuel type. I’d like a car free world. This is a hub for the growing car free networks around the world.


Any thoughts? Leave a reply...

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